Management Services

Our success is not an entitlement, but something we continue to earn, every day.

We structure a management program to align ourselves with each client’s individual goals, ranging from institutional to independent and private investors. This has been fundamental to our success, and is what gives Incore a unique edge as a third-party fee manager. We work smart and hard, methodically enacting a specialized program, to get the job better than well done.

Property Management Services

– Conventional, Lease-Up, Value-Add and Repositioning
– Detailed Weekly Operating Reporting
– Detailed Monthly Financial Reporting
– Acquisition Analysis and Due Diligence
– Management, Leasing and Maintenance Recruiting, Training and Development
– Annual Operating Budget
– Weekly Operating Report
– In Depth Quarterly Marketing and Management Plan

– Capital Improvement and Rehabilitation Oversight
– Utility Analysis and Conservation Programs
– Tax Appeal Coordination
– Bulk Vendor Discounts
– Master Insurance Policy
– Construction Management
– HOA and Condo Management
– Pre-Development Consultations

CAM/HOA Services

The mission of Incore Residential’s HOA Management Division is to increase property values through a commitment to providing incomparable service, market expertise, innovation and exceptional community living.

Incore Residential’s HOA management services are comprehensive including many fiscal and administrative services.

Acquisition Services

– Deal Sourcing
– Market Research
– Investment Strategy Development
– Due Diligence
– Proforma Creation and Execution
– Methodical Analysis and Benchmark Reporting

Due Diligence

Incore Residential, has extensive experience in assisting its clients with the acquisition of multifamily assets through the due diligence process. The scope of this due diligence includes (and is not limited) to the following:

Incore Residential will inspect 100% of the units as part of a comprehensive review of the property. The information collected allows us to prepare a summary report of capital needs, detailed conditions of interior units, exteriors, amenities, and grounds. These items include (but are not limited to) the replacement expectation of appliances, vinyl, carpet closet doors, etc. We also look for roof leaks, mold and any other issue that may present a problem for the investor.

Incore Residential will prepare a detailed market survey for the asset including a true list of comparable communities. That data helps us determine and recommend market rates for your acquisition.

Incore Residential will also prepare a detailed operating budget for your acquisition.

Incore Residential’s lease file audit team will compile a detailed spreadsheet that quickly identifies any differences that exist between the seller’s presented rent roll and the actual leases associated with the property. This “lease audit” also allows for the identification of any discrepancies that exist between the leases and rent roll as it relate to security deposits. It is imperative to your acquisition that these discrepancies are quickly identified because the lease is always the governing document.

Incore Residential has access to a host of any vendors and contractors necessary to perform the due diligence evaluation. Additionally, Incore Residential has many existing relationships with vendors including, and not limited to, asphalt, concrete, pool, landscape, electrical and painting resources that work hand-in-hand with us to gather expert opinions and prepare cost projections for the pro-form budget.

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Construction Management

Incore Residential is highly committed to helping clients manage risk and the uncertainties of construction. Our experienced team has diverse technical and management skills that provides us the ability to develop, administer and control construction projects for owners.

– Contract Document Development
– Contract Bidding, Negotiation and Award
– CPM Schedule Development and Monitoring
– Contract Administration
– Cost Control
– Budget Management and Change Control
– Quality Monitoring
– Administrative Program Development
– CPM Schedule Development and Analysis
– Master Program and Budget Preparation
– Program Oversight
– Detailed General Engineering Review
– Periodic Program Status Reporting

Incore prides itself on recruiting, developing and retaining top talent in the multifamily industry.

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