Incore has expanded its footprint, and embraced a new client opportunity – providing financial and administrative systems support to four new properties in two states, totaling 942 units. This also encompasses financial/administrative oversight of a substantial master development comprised of both multiple retail, commercial and residential properties.

Meeting the needs of our clients in a manner tailored to support their operations has opened the door for new business in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Our New York and Tampa based client is able to benefit from the technology based support, and we are revealing new and evolving income opportunities to grow their bottom line in harmony with their goals and objectives. By fostering a strong relationship we can see a long term mutual goal of measured growth with a seasoned team of professionals at the helm.

Our IT support platform, finance administration, and technology has made this transition almost seamless and provided an opportunity for Incore to shine as a leading management team should.

From converting accounting reporting from cash to accrual based reporting, vendor data import and approval of licensure and insurance, to managing team support in remote locations, our Incore leaders creatively approached problem-solving, and set the tone for future growth.